We’re part of Delaware’s history

For more than 90 years, Crawford & Danyluk has provided insurance advice and services to residents of Delaware, Ontario and its surrounding communities.

Dan Crawford founded the company in 1927. Dan’s son, Donald, and his grandchildren, Larry and Patty, later took over the business. In 1984, Patty and her friend, Dan Danyluk, partnered with Larry and later changed the company name to Crawford & Danyluk to reflect the new partnership.

Patty, Larry and Dan purchased the building on Gideon Drive in 1989 to accommodate their growing business. As they continued to expand, the group led an alliance of three other respected Insurance Brokers in surrounding communities:

  • McNeil Insurance Brokerage in Dutton
  • McTaggart Armstrong Dewar & Owen Insurance in Aylmer
  • P.J. Gangle Insurance in West Lorne

With the help of our fellow brokers in these offices, Crawford & Danyluk serves customers throughout Oxford, Elgin and Middlesex and in the City of London with a full range of home, auto, farm, business and specialty insurance.