Insurance brokers find coverage that fits

Insurance brokers find coverage that fits

Independent Insurance Brokers help Canadians find the insurance they need. As a brokerage, we are not associated with any one insurance company. Instead, we partner with you to shop for the right insurance.
Best of all, there’s no cost to you for our help or advice.

We offer a wide variety of policies and packages for home, auto, farm and business insurance from many industry-leading insurance companies in Ontario. Insurance policies are not easy to read – it’s our job to help you understand insurance terms and practices. Each company offers different coverages. Because of our expertise and experience in the insurance industry, we understand the differences between underwriters. We can compare policies and recommend the best value for the best policy.

Claims can be confusing, too. As insurance experts, we will simplify the claims process and help to represent you to the company that has your policy.

Proud members of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO).

We are also closely associated other local brokers like us who serve their communities through offices in Delaware,West Lorne and Aylmer, Ontario, as well as serving customers in the City of London, Ontario. By relying on your independent insurance broker, you can scratch insurance off your worry list.